COVID-19: SCCA Racing to Barrel Racing!  |  May 26

May 26, 2020  |  5:00pm

SCCA Racing to Barrel Racing!

Even though the Indy 500 did not run this Memorial Day weekend, there was SCCA racing from coast to coast — including three Road Racing Majors events, a Time Trials National Tour event, and a host of Regional events. In short, we had members, drivers, volunteers, and Club leaders heading out to SCCA-sanctioned events across this great country. We even had some members participate in a more literal kind of horsepower-fueled racing at the Barrel Bash, hosted in Carthage, Missouri.

Of course, all SCCA events were executed in a manner consistent with local COVID-19 safety precautions, (as was the Barrel Bash). As much as these events were different in terms of location, guidelines, event type and number of people supporting or participating, they all had one goal: keep participants, members, volunteers, drivers, event leaders and staff safe and healthy while having #funwithcars (or #funwithhorses, as the case may be).

As we debrief from these events with eyes on future events in the time of COVID-19, one point has emerged as the same across all: No matter what part of the country or at what venue events take place, people have different degrees of comfort fully engaging in the pursuits they love—and the proximity to others they may have as they do so. Some are comfortable in small group settings only when everyone is always masked and others are comfortable in an outside setting without wearing a mask at all times.

Regardless of the different approaches, everyone wants the same thing: their own space and respect for how they choose to protect themselves (and others) against COVID-19.

As we look to the future — whether you’re road racing, time trialing, road rallying or even barrel racing — the obvious ask is that you make sure you know what the event’s COVID-19 mitigation protocols are, come to the event prepared and support those protocols. But in addition — and perhaps even more importantly — respect the needs and desires of others, and show compassion for your fellow enthusiasts. That’s how we can collectively get back to having #funwithcars safely: as One Team.

At a much higher level, it’s also how we can deliver a better (and safer) motorsports experience for all members, volunteers, drivers, event leaders and staff. Our collective actions, safe practices, and respect for others now will positively influence our ability to participate in the SCCA experiences we all love… well into the future.

Be safe and have fun!