Road Racing Contingency Programs for 2018 Announced

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TOPEKA, Kan. (January 3, 2018) – More than a dozen top-tier partners have pledged support for 2018 SCCA U.S. Majors Tour® and Regional competitors through contingency sponsorship programs. The group of corporate partners includes auto makers, tire manufacturers and other companies that make and sell motorsports-related items.

A full rundown of contingency offerings can be found at  Many contingency opportunities require pre-registration. Details and instructions to register for each of these programs are available at the SCCA contingency webpage.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to make sure they are in compliance with each program for which they would like to enroll.

2018 Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour and U.S. Majors Tour contingency partners include:

- Hawk Performance, Official Brake Products of SCCA (Select Classes)
1st: $100 Product Certificate     2nd: $75 Product Certificate     3rd: $50 Product Certificate
*Bonus awards to be added at a later date.

- Honda Performance Development (Select Cars & Classes)
(S2000, Civic Si (’15 & prior), Fit ‘09+, Accord ‘13+, Acura TLX, FA [K20], FF)
1st: $300         2nd: $200        3rd: $100

(Civic GT Bodywork ‘16+, Civic Si ‘16+, Civic Type R 2017+)
1st: $1000       2nd: $500       3rd: $250

(All other Honda/Acura vehicles)
1st: $200         2nd: $100        3rd: $50

- Chevrolet (Select B-Spec Cars)
1st: $750                     2nd: $500                    3rd: $250

- Summit Racing Equipment (All Classes)
1st: $75 Product Certificate      2nd: $50 Product Certificate      3rd & 10th: $25 Product Certificate

- Ford Performance (Select Cars & Classes)
1st: $700                     2nd: $500                    3rd: $250
FF Conf. Points Champs: 1st: $1,000

- Goodyear Tire (Select Classes)
1st: 2 tires       2nd: 1 tire

- MOMO (All Classes)

- Hoosier Racing Tire (Select Classes)
Hoosier Super Tour
(Spec Miata) - 1st: 4 tires       2nd: 2 tires      3rd-8th: 1 tire

U.S. Majors Tour (non-Super Tour events)
(Spec Miata) - 1st: 2 tires       2nd-3rd: 1 tire

All U.S. Majors Tour Events (Select Classes) 1st: 2 tires       2nd: 1 tire

- Carbotech Performance Brakes (Select Classes)
1st: $100 Product Certificate       2nd: $75 Product Certificate         3rd: $50 Product Certificate

- G-LOC Brakes (Select Classes)
1st: $100 Product Certificate      2nd: $50 Product Certificate     Highest Finisher: $100 Product Certificate

- Mazda North American Operations (Select Cars & Classes)

- MINI USA (Select Cars & Classes)

1st: $500         2nd: $250        3rd: $100
Conf. Points Champs: $1,250

- Nissan Motorsports (Select Cars & Classes)
(5+ starters in class)
-  1st: $500        2nd: $250        3rd: $100

(2-4 starters in class)
- 1st: $250

- OS Giken (Select Classes)
1st: $100 Product Certificate     2nd: $50 Product Certificate     3rd: $50 Product Certificate   4th: $50 Product Certificate

- Toyota Racing Development (Select Cars & Classes)
(GT2, GT3)
1st: $800

(EP, FP, HP, GTL, T1, T3, T4, B-SPEC, STU, STL, FA, P1, P2)
1st: $400

Regional road racing contingency partners for 2018 include:

- Hoosier Racing Tire (SM Class)
1st: 2 tires       2nd: 1tire

- Mazda North American Operations (Select Cars & Classes)

- MINI USA (Select Cars & Classes)
1st: $500         2nd: $250        3rd: $100 Divisional Champs: $1,250

- Toyota Racing Development (Select Events, Cars & Classes)
1st: $300

Again, it is the responsibility of each driver to make sure they are eligible to receive any contingency awards in which they are interested. Be sure to check each requirement for each program by clicking here. Additional information on the entire SCCA U.S. Majors Tour program can be found at .

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